About Gupshill Manor

Past, Present & Future…

Gupshill Manor is steeped in history, most of it centred around the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471. Gupshill Manor was built in 1431, on the site of an earlier house known as Globes Hall. In 1471 the manor house was literally at the centre of one of the last, and perhaps the bloodiest battles of the War of the Roses. The battle of Tewkesbury was fought between the houses of Lancaster and York, with the latter eventually becoming victorious, and Edward, The Duke of York, becoming King of England.

The manor has suffered two great fires in its history, one at the end of the 17th century, and more damaging, one in the early 1900’s which reduced the size of the manor house by half as you see it today. In the main building, around the fireplaces you will see some ornately carved stonework, these pieces were stolen from Tewkesbury Monastery during King Henry VIII’s dissolution of the church.


More Recently…

In the early 1950’s the Gupshill was converted into a public house, and since that time has undergone several styles of operation and many refurbishments to take it to the way you see it today.

As one of Gloucestershire’s leading pubs, our commitment is to use the finest local produce to create mouth-watering dishes, marrying it with an informal, relaxed service whilst, still delivering excellent value for money.

Wherever possible we use the finest local produce to create our dishes. We use many varied local suppliers, but the common theme that links them is the outstanding quality of their produce.
By using these local suppliers we are able to know where our produce has come from, how it was produced, how fresh it is and the care and dedication that has gone into producing it. For 15 years we have used both Ben Creese Butchers and DJ Perks & Sons Fruit and Veg to supply our produce.

Why not book a table online and come and experience our historic location for yourself.

You can browse our menus to see how we are making use of our local produce this week

dog friendly pub

The Gupshill is Dog Friendly

We allow dogs on the hard floor in our large bar area but not in the restaurant, leaving you plenty of tables to choose from when bringing your dog to Gupshill Manor. If you would like to dine with us you will need to book so we can make sure we have a table reserved for you in the bar. We allow Guide Dogs anywhere throughout the pub.

We have a large garden and patio area for you to enjoy with your dog when the weather allows but you must make sure your four-legged friend is on the lead at all times.

Ask at the bar for a biscuit for your pooch, our staff love to treat all our customers, even the ones with paws.

Wine and dine at the gupshill

A little tipple…

Our wine list is created in the same way we do our menus. It continually evolves and changes, and with the guidance of the wine buyer from our suppliers, we hope that the result is an extensive and interesting wine list to suit all tastes. Our traditional ales is another area we are proud of. The utmost of care is used to ensure each pint is served at its prime. Along with the two house ales always available, Greene King IPA and Abbotts Ale.

more than your average pub . . .

We also have the facilities and experience to provide a wide array of functions, from lavish large weddings to corporate day delegates, from pig roasts to product launches. Whatever your needs we are sure we can deliver it, with quality, style and attention to detail. If you have an enquiry about a function or event, please ask at the bar and they will take your details so we may contact you to discuss it further.

The future


We have many great plans for the Gupshill, including continuing to develop our outside areas, refurbishment of our first-floor facilities to include private dining areas and meeting rooms.

We will strive to always improve our menus, offers and service.

If there is something you think we could improve on or would like to see at the pub then why not drop us a message.